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Smooth Move: Tips For A Stress Free Move

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It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when considering a major move. The idea of packing up every single possession, having it loaded onto a truck and then reversing the process can exhaust even the most organized person. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to moving that can decrease your anxiety and increase your fun. Yes. Fun. According to Megansmoving blog, moving day can be a good time. She suggests things like planning an unpacking party at your new place, wearing a fancy dress on moving day or creating a game or competition to bolster sagging energies late in the move.

Perhaps a fancy dress, while good fun, isn’t the most practice thing to do. Injuries are common during moves including pulled back muscles, bruised toes from dropping furniture and strained leg muscles. Experts recommend wearing long hair back in a ponytail, closed toe shoes, comfortable clothes, and this last one is essential, clothing with pockets. Some people even suggest wearing an apron with pockets. There always seems to be some little, important item that can’t seem to find
a home on moving day.

But what about all the preparation required to get to the actual moving day? That part can feel burdensome because the sorting and the packing usually occur inside a very busy and full life. Meaning many people have to tackle deconstructing their belongings on weekends when they are tired and just want to rest. Here are a couple of tips that will help structure the packing in a way that soaks up less free- time.

  1. Before any boxes even enter the house, go through each room, one drawer or closet at a time and create two piles, keep/give away pile, and the throw away pile. This is a smash and grab. Perform the task quickly and try not to handle each item more than once. The goal is to fill garbage bags of things you no longer need or want that are not useful in a donation. Don’t over think it and trust first instincts.
  2. Once you’ve swept through your house with garbage bags, it’s time to bring in the boxes. If you have small children, occupy them by letting them decorate the boxes for their items. This will free up time in the pre-move, and also make things easier in the post move when seeking children’s items. Their boxes will be easily recognizable.
  3. Pack unnecessary or seasonal items first. No sense in packing the coffee maker only to unpack it each morning during the week of the move.
  4. Follow the flight attendant’s rule. Pack a suitcase with pajamas, two clean outfits, and spare toiletries and put it in your car. This bag is your emergency bag for those first few nights at the new house.
  5. Do the same with kitchen or bathroom essentials. Pack a special box that goes in your car, not the moving truck, with a set of dinner wear, silver wear and a roll or two of toilet paper.
  6. Consider placing colored sticky tabs on boxes to denote what room they came from.
  7. Save your coolers for the last minute refrigerator clean-out. There is likely more in there than expected.
  8. Pack similar items together.
  9. Try to scan the house during the move. Remember to take it all in as this place held memories and love.
  10. Remember to breathe.

While moving can be stressful, there are ways to manage the chaos and even create a sense of fun during the move. Happy moving!

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